Quality Control at Every Step

At Hollingsworth, Quality is the heart of our focus.  While we know a supplier can't be everything to everyone, we make it our first priority to consider every customer's machined part with the highest regard.  This means if we produce your product, we expect to produce exactly what you want and need.  Certainly, it's impossible to be perfect, but were not boasting when we say we expect your parts to be perfect...it's just our business philosophy.  Hollingsworth machined products meet the standards American's expect.  Our parts are made from material primarily produced in the United States.  This eliminates many of the problems you find from imported products like brass fittings from China that have porosity issues or overseas material that doesn't meet strict U.S. standards.  Our plating process is just a few miles from our shop and painted products get done right here in Marshalltown.  It is our mission to provide customers with U.S. manufactured and machined components that always meet America's standards for safe and long lasting products.  We intend to meet this mission with prices and service that encourages buyers to buy American....and hopefully from us!

Certified Material

When it comes to quality...you have to start with good material.  All the material Hollingsworth Mfg. buys, requires a certificate of material.  This provides us with the Heat Lot and Material Specifications for every bundle we buy.  Our suppliers like Earle M. Jorgenson, Crucible Metals, or Central Steel & Wire; provide us with this documentation with every delivery.  Any excess material or material purchased for inventory is tagged with the Material Certs identifying the grade, source, and heat lot numbers for traceability.

Customers who provide us castings are expected to certify or inspect the raw castings for quality approval.

Quality Inspection during Production

At Hollingsworth, we inspect your parts AT THE SOURCE of production. Developing production processes involves acquiring an intimate understanding of your parts.  Not just what the prints say...but how the parts are used, how they should be handled, and how they will be stored or shipped.  Surface finish requirements are noted and critical print dimensions are inspected during manufacture and machining.  At each point in production, we keep a detailed logbook. These logbooks track tooling changes, offset adjustments, and inspection results, and any observations on how the part is running such as a dulling insert creating chatter or number of parts produced before an insert change. 
Our production and quality inspection is batch based.  This means that we don't mix full production runs together and inspect after completion.  We inspect the parts as they are produced...if everything is ok, the parts are grouped and added to previous batches of quality approved product.  If upon inspection, we find problems or out-of-tolerance parts, we make a note of it in our logbook, identify the problem and correct it, and then remove that batch for individual inspection.  We DO NOT wait until all the material is run, pull out a small percentage, and then realize we have a problem.  If our customer requires it; we can keep a unique inspection report coded to every purchase order and delivery.

Hollingsworth Inspection Report
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