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We build high quality products through lean manufacturing methods which are priced to compete globally.

New News for 2010 and 2011!
Hollingsworth Expansion!

In the fall and early winter of 2010, Hollingsworth Mfg. added over 10,000 square feet and multiple additional manufacturing capacity for fabrication.   Plant #2, located on 3rd Ave. in Marshalltown, has Press Brake Fabrication, Punch Press and CNC Punching, Shearing, Welding, Automated Bar Sawing, Assembly, Packaging, and Shipping.  At Plant #1 we provide Product Design Services, Production and Prototype Machining, Component & Product Assembly, and Web Site Development. 

Hollingsworth Legacy dates back to 1918

Hollingsworth Mfg. came into existence in 1918 when C.W. Hollingsworth started machining and manufacturing operations.  His ingenious ideas and products ranged from building an actual car in the 20's to designing a popular fishing lure we still get requests for today.

Original Cats Whisker Lure
After C.W., Carl Jr. took over daily operations while many Marshalltown community members earned wages running drill presses, fabricating sheet metal, welding assemblies, and operating Bardon and Oliver Turret Lathes.  Throughout World War II, Hollingsworth Mfg. was a manufacturing supplier to the U.S. Defense Agency and to this day is a certified supplier to GSA and the United States Government.

In the late 70's, Carl sold the business to Bill Wilson, an engineer from Marshalltown Trowel.  Bill followed Carl as a visionary with Advanced Manufacturing Technology through the acquisition of CNC Lathes and Mills.  More than 7 Pratt & Whitney CNC Lathes and Bridgeport CNC Mills allowed Hollingsworth to machine close dimensional parts for many local customers like Fisher Controls and Cooper Manufacturing.  Throughout the 80's and early 90's Hollingsworth developed a strong reputation of quality machined parts and the ability to produce customer's products with efficiency.  In the late 90's, our current owner, Todd Wilson, bought the business from his dad.

Todd has continued operations with an absolute focus on quality while trying to keep prices which help promote cost reduction to our customers bottom line.  Over the last 10 years, Hollingsworth has continued to add additional CNC equipment. In addition we maintain our high quality manual equipment for secondary, prototype development, and tooling.  Over the last century Hollingsworth has developed a diverse customer base that spreads all across the United States and throughout the world.

In 2010, Hollingsworth expanded with custom fabrication capabilities such as press brake, punch press, CNC punching, welding, shearing, and automated bar sawing.  We have the ability to produce any type of product from design through manufacturing to packaging.

Hollingsworth Mfg. Co.
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